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April's Diary Steam

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April is a young woman living in England in the Victorian era. She has taken up a position as a housekeeper at the estate of Lord Ashford, a rather arrogant aristocrat who has recently inherited the mansion from his late father. With a wink to Pride and Prejudice the game requires April to clean up Lord Ashford's many rooms, interrupted by a dialogue with his Lordship.

April's Diary is a 3D puzzle game which applies a tile matching style of gameplay. You start in every room with a huge pile of items which are on top of each other and April needs to pick up 3 matching items every turn in sequence to clear them from the floor. This requires some strategy and skill.

- 3D puzzles
- Uncover another mystery as you progress through the rooms
- Victorian era style graphics and dialogue
- Soundtrack my Martin F. Strauss

(c) 2023 by CRX Entertainment Pte Ltd.

Release Date01.06.2023
DeveloperCRX Entertainment Pte. Ltd.
PublisherCRX Entertainment Pte. Ltd.
Supported Languages<p>Interface: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese - Portugal, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian</p>
Operating SystemsWindows
Genrescasual, indie